Are Adult Fluoride Treatments Important?

Although we often hear about the importance of fluoride treatments for children, fluoride treatments for adults are something less discussed. Today, Bishara Dental wants to discuss fluoride and the importance of it for even adult smiles.

About Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral which naturally occurs all over the Earth, in the rocks, soil, food and even water. Research has shown that fluoride when applied to teeth can actually have quite a few benefits which include strengthening the enamel of teeth, remineralizing teeth, providing additional protection for teeth and even reversing early signs of dental decay. Due to the fact that fluoride has so many benefits for teeth, it is also often added to products such as toothpaste, mouthwash and even bottled water.

At Home Fluoride Treatment

As mentioned previously, there are many products which have fluoride added to them which can be used at home. These include toothpastes and mouthwashes that can be used to help care for your oral health while providing protection and minerals to your teeth.

Professional Fluoride Treatment

At Bishara Dental, we recommend fluoride treatments for all of our patients, including children and adults. The entire process is quite simple and is usually performed during a routine checkup. The fluoride is painted directly onto the teeth surfaces and allowed to dry, providing strength and protection for your smile.

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Root Canal Therapy – It’s Not as Painful as You Think

The phrase “root canal therapy” leaves many with a bad taste in their mouth, but innovations in medicine and procedure have allowed dental offices to provide high quality, effective, and less uncomfortable root canal treatments. Bishara Dental has experienced staff that provides root canal therapies to local patients. Continue reading to learn more about the simple process of a root canal therapy.

What is the process of a routine root canal therapy with Bishara Dental?

Your root canal will be performed by an experienced oral surgeon who specializes in endodontics, the field of dental infections. Below is the step by step process of what you can expect during a root canal therapy.

  • Local Anesthesia is Administered. After proper sedation, your specialist will provide you with local anesthesia to effectively numb the area. This is an important step in order to ensure the patient’s full comfort during and after the procedure.
  • Dental Dam is Put in Place. A dental dam is a thin sheet of rubber that is placed over the affected tooth. It is used by the dentist to seclude the individual tooth from the rest of the mouth.
  • Access Hole Drilled. Your surgeon will then drill a small access hole on the biting surface of the tooth. The hole is what will allow the team to clean out the infected pulp. Finally, the pulp, along with the nerve, will painlessly be removed. This step allows the individual to no longer feel the pain in the tooth as well as stops the spread of infection to the surrounding teeth.
  • Root Canal Filling. After the canal is disinfected, the dentist will apply a filling to seal the area and prevent further issues from affecting the tooth.

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

At Bishara Dental, located in Houston, TX we believe that prevention is an essential tool to achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. Our dentist, Dr. Bishara is proud to offer a range of preventive dental care services which can help protect your smile and prevent dental complications down the road such as decay, infection and even disease.

Routine Dental Checkups

Although your at home dental care routine is an essential part of your oral health, we also recommend routine visits to Bishara Dental. During routine dental checkups we can monitor your oral health and ensure that your smile is as clean as possible, reducing your risk for decay, infection and disease.

Dental Sealants

Have you ever looked at the chewing surfaces of your teeth? They contain many pits, grooves and depressions which are the perfect place for debris, bacteria and plaque to hide. With dental sealants, we can easily add an extra layer of protection, helping to prevent decay and cavities.

Fluoride Treatments

Have you ever wondered why fluoride is in most dental products? Research has shown that fluoride can help strengthen teeth, remineralize your smile, prevent decay and even reverse early signs of cavities. With fluoride treatments we can quickly apply high strength fluoride directly to your pearly whites.

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CFast braces can straighten your teeth in less than 6 months!

Having a beautiful smile is very important. It creates a great impression, personally or professionally. That’s why more and more adults are choosing Cfast because it provides great results in less than 6 months!

What is Cfast?

Cfast is a simple system on your top and bottom teeth, “the smile zone”. This treatment uses orthodontic brackets designed specifically to straighten your 6 front teeth usually in less than 6 months.

Cfast corrects any front tooth alignment problems quickly and it is minimally invasive. It is ideal for adults who have mild to moderate crowding, gaps, and gummy smiles that are highly visible when you smile, talk or laugh.

Cfast: How does it work?

Cfast is a simple, gentle, and minimally obstructive cosmetic treatment that corrects any front teeth misalignment problems quickly in less than 6 months. There are many ways to move your front teeth but the most convenient and fast way to get them straight is by using Cfast braces that is fixed to the front of your teeth.

Schedule a consultation to find out what is most appropriate orthodontic treatment in your case.

Why is Cfast so fast?

Cfast focuses on your “smile zone” front teeth, the teeth you can see when you smile for a purely cosmetic improvement. Teeth at the front of the mouth are easier to move because they have just one root and bone which is less thick that the ones in the back of your mouth.  This is the main reason why Cfast treatment can be concluded in as little of 5 months.

Straighten Your Teeth With Cfast

Cfast is not for everybody. First you need to talk to your dentist to find out if this treatment is right for you. Cfast is the ideal treatment for patients with a great bite in the back, but would like to improve mild alignment problems or spacing between their front teeth.

Bishara Dental specializes CfastTM. We are so confident you’ll love the results, that we’ll give you your money back if you are not delighted with your smile after treatment. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

Learn more about Cfast.

CFast vs Traditional braces, Which Will Work Best for You?

Dental braces can come in several designs. As there are lots of choices, the type of braces you may need to get for yourself is still reliant on your budget, your lifestyle and the kind of dental treatment you require.

There are times when you wish to do things in a hurry, but do not want to sacrifice quality. Would it not be great if that is also applied to Orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth?

Now with Cfast braces, it is possible!  Cfast braces are a contemporary substitute to the old, traditional brace styles.  It is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that corrects the top and bottom front six teeth alignment issues, and can level and round out the arches.

There are several differences that exist between Cfast and the traditional orthodontics. A few of these include:


Cfast braces

Traditional braces

Treatment period:

Between 4 to 6 months

About 2 years


Average $1,800-$5,500

Average $1,800-$5,500


Clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires

Typically, metal silver, extra for invisible, clear, color, or enamel color

Point of Focus:

Cfast focuses on the social six front teeth that make your smile visible.


More effective for more complex issues like:

  • Back tooth bite issues
  • The need to rotate canines or premolars

Below find more explanation about this differences.

Treatment period

Until presently, the only choice for teeth straightening has been conventional orthodontics, and is time consuming. The new faster orthodontic systems – Cfast can considerably reduce the treatment period usually associated with orthodontics. This is because of the original and unique technology intentionally devised to give faster results. In contrast to the traditional braces that can take about two (2) years to complete, the Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth treatment can be done in a matter of months, usually between 4 to 6 months. It is a ground-breaking orthodontic treatment that is designed specifically to move teeth very fast and efficiently with gentle force.


Unlike the traditional braces which are very costly, Cfast is extremely cost-effective and will help you get the straighter teeth you have always desired faster. Since Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth (Cfast) aims at your front teeth, it is the perfect option for patients desiring a straighter smile but do not want to or do not need to go through a complete traditional orthodontic treatment. Learn more about Cfast braces.

Point of focus

Cfast focuses on the social six front teeth that make your smile visible while the traditional orthodontics focus on your teeth alignment (the position of your bite) and it can take years of treatment wearing metal braces.

Another major difference between Cfast and the traditional braces is that Cfast is barely noticeable (uses clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires) and are worn only for a little time compared to the traditional braces. The wires put gentle pressure on the brackets to align and level the teeth with a little discomfort to the patient.

Furthermore, Cfast is aimed only at adults and is carried out purely for cosmetic reasons while the traditional braces is meant for the children with the aim to move their jaws and teeth into a perfect relationship so that they will function well when chewing and biting.

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