What do your teeth say about you and your health?

The body is amazing in many ways, it consists of thousands of systems and microsystems that work together in harmony. At the core of this harmony is the body’s ability to connect all of its different components. The body has very closely coordinated operations between the heart, the brain, the lungs, and the muscles. The one thing that connects all these different organs together is the blood.

Blood circulates through your whole body, carrying and delivering chemicals from one place to the next, similar to a mailman delivering postal mail. Since blood is present in the mouth and gums, it’s no surprise that anything affecting the gums will eventually reach other systems and vice versa.

Since all body parts are connected in such a way, good health is only achievable through a holistic approach. If teeth are not properly cleaned, then particles of food deposits on teeth and the gums which will develop bacteria. This damaging bacteria causes inflammation of the gums called gingivitis, or gum disease. Inflammation also releases chemicals that harm the gums as well as the bone holding the tooth to the jaw. These correlations between your teeth and health have been well documented and researched. A happy mouth can lead to a happy life.