Dental Implants

At Bishara Dental, a Houston dentist in the galleria area, dental implants are often used to replace a missing single tooth or multiple missing teeth. Dental implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth, and they have become the standard of care over the old fashioned method of replacing teeth with bridges. Bishara Dental in Houston galleria area provides different implant options to treat the many different instances where a dental implant is to be used. The mouth is comprised of a multiple structures that come together in a complex way to perform demanding tasks such as speaking, breathing, tasting, chewing. The mouth is also a member of the body’s immune system and provides a frontline defense against outside micro-organisms that enter the body thru the mouth. A single tooth lost cause a disturbance in such a system, so multiple teeth lost can cause major damage.

Dr. Mena Bishara at Bishara Dental educates patients very well about dental implants in the Houston galleria area. When a missing tooth leaves a gap in the mouth many different changes can happen to the surrounding structures. The most common changes are bone loss and teeth shifting. Stress fracture and damage can also occur to the neighboring teeth as they become more loaded from doing the job of the missing teeth on top of their pre-existing load of work. At Bishara Dental in Houston galleria area, dental implants are used to replace missing teeth to stop such damage from getting worse or can even sometimes prevent any damage at all if the patient is treated early enough. Bone grafting solutions are also available at Bishara Dental in conjunction with dental implants to repair some of the bone loss that may have already occurred from the tooth loss.

What if there is not enough space for a dental implant?

Part of an implant evaluation takes into account the required space and dimension available for a successful implant treatment. Often times when a tooth has been lost for a long time the surrounding teeth shift so much that now there is not enough space to place the dental implant. In such cases a short period of orthodontics may be required to move teeth back to their original position and restore to proper space needed for the implant. This and many other criteria such as general oral health, bone strength, angle of teeth, and overall health of patient are taken into account when Dr. Bishara performs dental implant treatment and evaluation at Bishara Dental.

What about patient missing all their teeth?

With the help of technology and advancement in dental materials, we can now replace a complete arch of teeth in patients that had all their teeth taken out due to dental disease or unfortunate accidents. Such full arch replacement gives patient the freedom and comfort of having permanent teeth that function just like the natural teeth without the burden of having dentures that are constantly loose and require removal because they trap food. One of the dental implant treatments at Bishara dental in Houston galleria area does exactly just that, providing patients the freedom, comfort, and piece of mind of having permanent teeth.